Although the majority of the website is offered only in German, below you will find the most important information regarding the Mariengold dolls, me the doll maker, custom orders, prices and Mariengold patterns and tutorials for doll clothes and doll making.


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My name is Maria and I am a doll maker and communications graduate from Berlin. After concluding my studies at the Berlin University of the Arts, I started my own business with the label Mariengold in 2007.

I fashion dolls and publish e-books with do-it-yourself tutorials for dolls and doll clothes. I teach local doll making classes regularly and write a blog with journalistic articles relating to dolls as well as colorful accounts from my workshop and my life.

You can find my portfolio in my Flickr photostream.

You can find my shops at Etsy and DaWanda. There I sell dolls, doll outfits, a selection of supplies for doll making, as well as tutorials and e-books for doll clothes and doll making.

How to Buy a Mariengold Doll

At the moment I don’t accept new custom orders.

If you want to purchase a doll, I suggest my Friday dolls. Each Friday I upload one ready to go doll to my shops at Etsy. In advance, you can find pictures of the current Friday doll on my blog and in my portfolio. It is not possible to reserve Friday dolls. So you need a bit of luck to get a doll.

Prices: Dolls and Doll Outfits

The doll prices include one outfit of your choosing consisting of five or six garments, including shoes, however not a cardigan. The dolls have (or do not have if you better like them without) a nose, a belly button and a bottom.

20 cm mini doll 125 Euros
30 cm doll child 180 Euros
40 cm doll child 200 Euros
50 cm doll child 280 Euros

30 cm baby doll 180 Euros
45 cm baby doll 220 Euros

Extra charge for fluffy hair 25 Euros
Extra charge for ears 20 Euros
Extra charge for extra weight 25 Euros

30 cm cuddle doll with a velvet body and sewn-on cap 85 Euros

The prices for additional outfits depend on the size of your doll and your wishes. A set of five to six garments for a 30 cm doll costs around 60 Euros.

Payment is due within 7 days from date of invoice.

Prices valid from January 2014.

You can pay via Paypal, international bank transfer or Western Union.

The price for international registered shipping from Germany depends on the parcel’s weight, but is either 10 Euros or 20 Euros.

If you would like to know what my prices are in your currency, you will find many currency converters on the internet, for example at

Mariengold E-Books and Tutorials for Doll Making and Doll Clothing

In addition to making dolls, I also enjoy designing doll clothes and various doll types. In my Etsy and DaWanda shops I offer e-books and material kits for doll making as well as patterns and tutorials for doll clothes.

In 2013 I released four doll making e-books with the titles Mitzi, Baby Twink, Pip and Kulla. More tutorials with other focuses, levels of difficulty, patterns and techniques will follow.

In my Portfolio you will find lots of pictures of Mariengold dolls that might encourage you to make a doll yourself. The album DIY Doll Making Tutorials shows an overview of the available Mariengold e-books and tutorials. A picture collection of dolls created with my  doll making e-books you will find in the album Dolls Made with my E-Books.

Language Information

Since Mariengold is based in Germany, the business language is German.

I do speak English and interact in this language with my international customers. But I write my bills in German. Also my general terms and conditions are in German. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask – I will gladly inform you about my terms and conditions in English.